Aruba US Hispanic Marketing


Project Details:

The Aruba Tourism Authority conducted a nationwide RFP to select a partner for US Hispanic efforts. Early 2016, ATA chose Micstura as their US Hispanic agency partner.

Typical Micstura fashion, we had to start with Research. We know a lot about the US Hispanic market, travel and Caribbean destinations, but we needed to speak with US Hispanics and non-Hispanics first to better understand the relationship between Aruba and this target. What visual perception do they have of the island? And what messaging resonates to entice them for their first visit or encourage a repeat visit?

Once the research was wrapped up, we kicked off our initiatives, which included a series of Hispanic-centered events. Restaurant takeovers, Latin Cinema Awards sponsorships as well as key Chamber event sponsorship.


  • IDIs (in-depth interviews)
  • Online Survey
  • Campaign Development & Strategy
  • Multiple Language Strategy
  • Landing page/ email capture
  • Event management
  • Sponsorships

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