Espresso Global Reservation System Usability Testing

The Task

As Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited worked to set the strategy, re-design and launch their trade-facing booking system, Micstura worked hand-in-hand to develop an iterative Global research testing plan.  The big challenge was coordinating across internal teams, across Global markets and being agile with the create development process.

Phase 1

Exploratory focus groups were conducted in multiple markets in the US to help guide the early information architecture and wireframe phases with card sort and messaging hierarchy exercises.

Phase 2

With a fully designed and semi-functioning prototype, we took the research international to carry out in-depth interviews across US/ Canada, Europe and Asia.

Phase 3

With the recommendations from the second phase, the booking engine was enhanced and tweaked for one final round of testing. Key travel partners participated in a review of the fully designed prototype, focusing on final specific areas to be adjusted.

Phase 4

With Phase 1 live, RCCL wanted to keep a pulse on the market reaction. We launched a multi-tiered Global Pre/Post online survey, site intercept to gauge reactions, competitive positioning and overall satisfaction with new site functionality.

# of Markets

# of Travel Agents Interviews

Preference Increased


User Satisfaction