9 years of Qualtrics Expertise

Dedicated team of Qualtrics Consultant Pros

Services: Design, Programming, Analysis & Reporting

Micstura works with several Qualtrics clients to assist in {nearly} all aspects of Qualtrics:


  • Project management
  • Survey design: Drafting questions or suggestions on existing draft
  • Survey programming: Advanced logic/ conditions, custom code (JavaScript, CSS)
  • Quota and panel management/ support
  • Distribution and launch: QA and Testing

Some clients just need a little assistance with the analysis and reporting. These projects typically include:


  • Custom design and development
  • Comparing to previous waves of research
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Recommendations and takeaways
Detailed Research Reports Reporting Findings

What type of research studies to run

How often to conduct market research

How best to word survey questions

How to program surveys in Qualtrics

How to load your own database to Qualtrics

How to send the survey to potential customers (sample and panel providers)

How to tie it all together and analyze results

What’s the story in our data and findings

Do you find yourself asking…

How are we doing against our competitors (satisfaction, experience)

Why do customers choose us over them (competitors)

How is our ad performing or how would this creative perform

What type of product could we offer consumers (product development)


How would this product or service do if we launched today

How happy are our customers with our product/ experience

What areas of opportunity do we have (to grow or improve)

What demographics (age, income, ethnicity) should I target

What do different segments feel about our product/ service

How do these research findings compare to previous results

How do Hispanics perceive our brand/ product/ experience

How do our vendors/ suppliers perceive us

What do our internal teams think about working here

How do our colleagues evaluate our performance (360)

How is our shopping experience (online or retail)