10 years of Qualtrics Expertise

Dedicated team of Qualtrics Consultant & Digital Pros

Services: Intercept Design, Programming, Analysis & Reporting

Qualtrics’ site intercept product is second to none – it offers the ultimate in flexibility with the least reliance on IT of any provider.

  • Want to know why customers abandoned the site
  • Why did they leave that shopping cart
  • Why are we losing people on the registration page
  • What do visitors think of our site
  • What aspects of the site can we improve upon
  • What do visitors think of our brand
  • How can we get more sales/ registrations/ downloads
  • How do I tie it all together (site analytics and research)
  • How do we compare to other industries

Some clients will just need a bit of help getting off the ground (planning) – then they might have the resources and bandwidth to take over design and reporting. Others will know what they need (objectives and end-goal in mind) and just want some advice/ assistance designing the questions and implementing the program. And, then we have those that will need the analysis and recommendations.

Detailed Research Reports Reporting Findings

Program Planning Session

Includes 12 hours of consultation
  • For clients who need help with:
  • What type of surveys to run
  • Where to place the surveys
  • When to run the intercept
  • How often to run the surveys (intercept logic)
  • Who to invite to participate
  • How long to keep surveys in field
  • The majority of these hours will be dedicated to prep and recommendation, while the minority for client-facing brainstorming sessions/ meetings.

Program Design

Includes 24 hours of consultation and project building
  • This phase helps with all steps that need to take place before go-live…
  • Survey writing:
  • Drafting the questions, flow and logic for the Site Intercept survey(s)
  • Set-up and implementation:
  • Programming surveys
  • Intercepts (creative, placement, logic, etc)
  • Implementing the code with IT

Analysis/ Reporting

Includes 32 hours of consulting
  • For clients who need assistance with:
  • Reviewing current site analytics and performance data to make recommendations on where/ how to use Site Intercept
  • In-depth, detailed reporting on performance, opportunities and digital recommendations
  • Some clients will want reporting on a monthly basis, but the majority look at performance quarterly.
  • Deliverables: The physical deliverable will be an in-depth PowerPoint presentation (roughly 20-25 slides) that contains key findings (executive summary), detailed findings (trending and comparison to previous time periods) and strategic recommendations to achieve desired objectives (including digital and creative recommendations).