Luxury Cruise Brand Research


Project Details:

Silversea Cruises approached Micstura in the midst of a brand positioning exercise for assistance with consumer research to gauge overall impressions, perceptions, and receptivity to the new creative.

We developed a sound research program to offer insight into each step of the new brand stepping stones. First we met with guests and prospects one-on-one to understand their unguarded reactions to the stimulus. Then, we conducted an online survey to validate the insights among key audiences (past guests, competitor cruisers and prospective non-cruisers).

The insights of the research were used to inform global marketing strategies; recommendations yielded opportunities to communicate to each key audience differently, as well as brand components to throttle up and down for different desired outcomes.


  • Research Strategy
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Skype/ FaceTime interviews
  • Survey design
  • Qualtrics survey programming
  • Sample management & Quotas
  • Online surveys
  • Reporting & Presentation of Findings
  • Brand positioning

Luxury Consumers Interviewed

Days in Monaco

Responses Collected

Time Zones Managed

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