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Aruba Tourism Authority

US Hispanic strategy for the US market


Sobre el projecto

Aruba, la isla feliz

One of the top destinations in the Caribbean, Aruba, the one happy island, partnered with Micstura to bring its candor and appeal to South Florida Hispanics.

As part of its expansion, Aruba wanted to attract the dissipating Venezuelan market. Considered as the second largest market to the island, Venezuelans had rediced their vacations time to the island, due to the socio-political situation sweeping the once oil rich country.

Their target focused on the South Florida Venezuelans as well as the ever growing hispanic population in north america. Their goal, to increase visitation to the happy island from South Florida. The strategy needed to convey the global campaign of “Shortcuts to Happiness.”


Our Approach

El Plan De Ataque

Different from the rest of the US, South Florida enjoys warm weather all year round. Our approach had to highlight more than just great weather and it, be appealing enough to entice a population that has always enjoyed beautiful beaches and tempered climates. But first, here is a bit about the Hispanic market in the South Florida and the USA.

US Hispanics travel as much as the rest of us
of Hispanics vacation (vs. of non-Hispanics in the US).

There is a slice of affluent US Hispanics who have the travel bug…

46% take 3-6 vacations per year. $8,700 on average for int’l vacations.

From: CA, FL, NV and TX

US Hispanics population continues to grow
South Florida Hispanics
Top hispanic groups in South Florida and where they live

The largest group mostly resides between Miami and Hialeah


For the most part they live in Pembrooke Pines and Miramar, Fl.


The largest group mostly resides between Miami and Kendall


Mostly resides between Miami beach and Hollywood, Fl.

Puerto Ricans

Mostly reside in the great Coral Gables area


Evenly spread, living in Downtown Miami, Brickell, Doral, Weston and South Beach


Our Strategy

Nuestra Estrategia

After identifying the Hispanic segment that tailored to Aruba’s goal, our job was to try to promote paradise to a group that already enjoys the benefits of warmer weather in an already overcroweded destination marketing lanscape. How did we do it?

We ran an indepth study that evaulated our target market against the following paramenters:

  • How likely are they to travel to the Caribbean? We found that Cuba is a hot / trending topic but Bahamas and Aruba were popular destinations they considered.
  • What consideration become a “must have” when booking a trip? deals were at the top, but local culture, beauty of the location were also rate highly.

Overall we found that for Hispanic South Floridians, it was not about getting away from it all, but about traveling to get to it all.

“It’s not about getting away from it all, it’s about traveling to get to it all”


Our Campaign

Nuestra Campaña

Atajos a la felizidad

We adapted the global campaign to fit the regional culture and language to easily promote “shortcuts to happiness” in South Florida. This campaign aimed to highlight the unique aspects of the One Happy Island in a fun and natural way for locals.

We focused our aim at 4 unique aspect of the Aruban culture:





These four shaped the most important aspects of the island of Aruba. Where food, culture, arts and adventure lend themselve to bring Hispanic families together.

Here are some of our creative executions.

Miami // Design District // Adventure
Venezuelan Film Festival Screening // Aruba es el atajo spot & sweepstakes promotion
Lead generation landing page to support our always digital campaigns

The Results

Los Resultados

Beyond the immediate gratification that our activations provided to the crowds, it was important to measure the true impact of our approach. earned media is priceless, but how about leads that can be transformed into an ongoing relationship and therefore a conversion? here are the hard numbers.

The Results


new emails in the first 3 months


impressions in 3 months via social media


Instagram followers gained per event for a total of 14K new fans

3.9 million

of earned media from the activations, marketing and social media engagement

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