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Sobre el projecto

The American Boot

At the turn of the century, Charles H. Beckman founded the company as a result of the growth of the industrial sector in Red Wing, Minnesota. Since it’s inception Red Wing has manufactured leather boots for the heavy workers and the military in the United State of America. Over the years, it’s portfolio of designs have amplified and grown to support lighter models and innovative designs and the industry evolves.

To continue to support the growth of their shoe portfolio, Red Wing needed to conduct research for the development and of new models for 2019.

We were asked to evaluate the following:

  • Evaluate consumer perceptions of the product line
  • Compare the product internally and externally
  • Determine who the consumer target (and who is not)
  • Identify and prioritize the most salient product features and benefits to be promoted
  • Assist with the merchandising of the product by region

Our Approach

El Plan De Ataque

To tackle such a task, an online survey was deployed to address objectives; Over 700 responses were collected from respondents who met the following criteria:

  • Male
  • Skewed Aged Distribution: 40s & 30s
  • Currently Own Red Wing Work Boots & Currently Own Competitive Brands/First
  • Geographic location by State
  • Working Conditions
  • Specific Professions

Key findings

Red Wing is extremely well-positioned from a brand perception perspective with this audience.

95% of the respondents were interested in the new concept, in large part for the comfort and versatility.

Red Wing delivers highly on most of the top tier drivers (notably, quality and fit); value is the lowest rated attribute and one to watch.


Our Deliverable

Nuestro Entregable

A report full of actionable data

The sole purpose of this project was to deliver our standard report, full of actionable data, and a strategy plan.

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