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Surinam Airways

USA Go-To-Market Strategy


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Surinam Airways

Entering one of the most dense travel markets in the US and the Caribbean is no easy task. Surinam Airways, also know as SLM, partnered with Micstura to gain access to the South Florida travel market to the Caribbean, Guyana and Surinam.

The first step to any and all of our initiatives is research. Our goal was to errase all dated assumptions and uncover what made people tick when choosing to fly SLM. This gave us the fuel to generate what will be the most influencial campain in Surinam Airways History.

During our uncover phase, we touched on specific topics in order to better understand the customer’s vacation experiences and desires (most specifically through the lens of beach destinations). We conducted qualitative study and complementet it with a survey to 550 guest and potential customers. We uncovered key information for our campaign that touched on:

Airline Usage
Destinations Visited
Appeal of Surinam
Airline Perception
Destination Criteria
Appeal of SLM

Among past guest, SLM is known for its great service and friendly staff, but in South Florida the brand had very low brand awareness among competitor’s passengers.


Our Approach

El Plan De Ataque

Armed with research data, we help the Surinam Airways leadership team to define a new target demographic… establish a new brand tone to reach out to this new target and a master marketring campaign that highlights it’s friendly service and great destinations. Oh, we tweaked the brand to rewflect a refreshed look without sacrificing the core of what has established the companmyt over 55years.

A young female traveler

  • 35+ yrs young
  • $75K HHI
  • In search of the road less traveled
Surinam - Be there

A campaign rooted in the innate human nature of exploring. We use this to empower the audience to go beyond the dorm and get closer to destination most are not willing to visit.

In a world where micro-moment experiences are the currency of the new wealth, “Be there” allows for an simple yet compleing proposition Surinam Airways and its unique destinations can provide.


Our Campaign

Nuestra Campaña

The campaign’s simplicity allowed for easy adaptation of the communication strategy over all channels, for a 360 approach.

Social Media // Strategy // Content Dev & Management
Miami // Hollywood, FL // Paradise Lost
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