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Tea Forte

Refresh Web presence and e-commerce store


Sobre El Projecto

The exceptional tea experience.

As one of the most recognized and unique tea experiences in the market, Tea Forté had fallen behind its own motto of avant-garde design and modern look and feel. They felt their conversions and overall sales were being affected and wanted to modernize their e-shop. They tasked Micstura to help them update’s user experience, update its interface design, all while maintaining its legacy systems.

Tea Forté’s digital brand presence in 2016 and prior.
Tea Forté’s digital brand presence in 2016 and prior.

Our Approach

El Plan De Ataque

Following our process, we jumped head first into finding out everything available about the Tea Forté customer from existing data and shopping patterns. We then moved into conducting in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and customers. We second the effort by running a specific survey to mid-to-top customers for What we found was nothing short of eye-opening data that helped shape, not only the new web presence, but the way Tea Forté conducts business today.

In-depth Interviews
Survey Sample

We carried out an online survey to 400 high income, specialty tea drinkers to better understand:

  • Unaided brand awareness, aided brand awareness, familiarity
  • Decision drivers and performance
  • Unaided descriptors, aided descriptors
  • Product appeal
  • Tea consumption patterns
  • Information sources/channel preferences
  • Tea purchase behaviors
  • Brand personification
  • Tea Forté deep-dive

Key findings about tea drinkers

Even in our target demo, grocery stores reign for awareness and purchase

Tea is a powerful tool to decompress... but consumers take pride in the health benefits as well.

Tangible, in-person encounters tend to be how consumers find a new tea product (at the shelf or in other stores)

Tea drinkers tend to be ex-coffee drinkers.

Tea drinkers search for this type of in when when purchasing tea:
Tea Varieties Available
Health Benefits of Tea
Sales & Discounts
Reviews & Ratings
Store Locations
Recommended Varieties

If Tea Forté were a person they would be…


Our Plan

Nuestro Plan

With the target demographic better defined, we proceeded to create a plan that would allow Tea Forté to grow exponentially while speaking to their customers at a personal level.

Our goals focused around growing our social media presence and to create ongoing digital campaigns that provided a positive ROI.


Increase Instagram followers from 1K to 20K followers


Increase traffic through UX improvements on the new site


Average Return on Investment for each campaign run


Increase in sales through the use shoppable tags.

Special Feature

Shoppable Tags

A first in the CPG category, Tea Forte, with our help, was able to gain access to one of the most saught after features of Instagram, shoppable tags.

Only available to non-CPG business accounts and influencers, shoppable tags are a commodity only availble via Shopify or BigCommerce

With shoppable tags enabled, we helped Tea Forté turned impression and likes into customers and transactions...

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